At each budget milestone, CS will sit down with the Owner/Architect to review in depth all costs, discuss inclusions, and review potential Value Engineering and Constructibility options. Accuracy and attention to detail with the pre-construction cost estimating process is fundamental to achieving our project goals.

  • Study all available design alternatives and provide a cost-benefit analysis to the design team and owner for review.
  • Coordinate with owner to make certain the budget and design process fully incorporate the entire scope. Identify any issues within the program that may cause cost over-runs.
  • Develop accurate work scopes with pricing input from sub-trades.
  • Assist design team with document coordination to eliminate “holes” in the scope of work.
  • Prepare and issue for approval a construction estimate at completion of each design phase.
  • Complete as much site investigation as possible prior to starting construction to obtain as-built information that affects the work.
  • Assist in coordinating specifications to avoid inconstancies and assist CS in issuing enforceable subcontracts that cover the work scope.
  • Keep the process open book. This ensures all members clearly understand where costs are allocated and help identify inconsistencies.

Our goal is to ELIMINATE ALL POSSIBLE UNKNOWNS. We firmly believe that one of the most important benefits to any process is the ELIMINATION OF CONSTRUCTION PHASE CHANGE ORDERS – that is to say ZERO CHANGE ORDERS.