Our CS Team will work closely with your design team to provide in-depth site investigation to flush out potential problems, unforeseen issues and constantly provide constructibility ideas to benefit the schedule and overall cost. On previous projects, we have found that the following collaborative elements are invaluable to a successful project:

  • Involve the Superintendent early to obtain input on field constructibility and scheduling issues.
  • CS Construction to provide in-depth input on relevant construction experience (dos & don’ts)
  • Provide a preliminary analysis of the project scope, develop a baseline schedule.
  • Provide several cost benefit analyses, reviewing all aspects of constructibility
  • Address long lead material and equipment procurement packages
  • Work closely with MEP subs during design for best systems, budgeting & coordination of equipment placement & duct/conduit routing.
  • Land Use & Building Permit review and approval
  • Working closely with Design Team Engineers to review constructibility and design options.
  • Develop bid packages and solicitations
  • Assist design team with document coordination to reduce/eliminate gaps in the scope of work that could potentially result in change orders.

Implementing these tasks, along with CS personnel, meeting and reviewing with the project team consistently through the design will keep milestones and costs on track.